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  • How do I contact the support team?

    For questions that are not urgent, we recommend submitting an email via *Grab a screenshot of your issue Attaching relevant screenshots to any support requests allows Auto Link support to solve your problem faster. Always be prepared to include or have screenshots ready that show your issue clearly.

  • How long will my ads stay on the site?

    30 days

  • Tips for creating an effective ad

    If you really want to create a great ad, it is highly recommended to follow the instructions below: Try to make your profile picture appealing and eye-catching. The description of your product must be informative enough and mustn’t contain any false information regarding your vehicle. Upload only unique and high-quality photos of the car taken by yourself and not downloaded from the Internet. The better photos you add, the more attractive your ad looks to the potential buyers and the more interaction you receive. Indicate correct contact details for the potential buyers/clients to be able to reach you easily. Try to respond all the incoming interactions from your customers. The better rating you have on our platform; the more chances you get to attract a lot of buyers.

  • How do I post an ad on Auto Link?

    Click on ‘sell your car’ (You’ll be redirected to our registration page if you do not have an account, fill in the requirements and click ‘submit’ button.) Complete all the details requested about the car After completion of all the requirements click on the publish my ad button Your advert will be published shortly once moderation process is completed. Be ready to receive numerous incoming calls/SMS from your potential buyers. Good luck with sales!

Posting an ad on CarSpot is free! However, all ads must follow our rules:

  1. Make sure you post in the correct category.
  2. Do not upload pictures with watermarks.
  3. Do not post ads containing multiple items unless it's a package deal.
  4. Do not put your email or phone numbers in the title or description.
  5. Make sure you post in the correct category.
  6. Do not post the same ad more than once or repost an ad within 48 hours.